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Answers to Your Questions

Do you have UX & Product Design Mentors?

Yes, we have a selection of all sorts of designers from all sorts of Industries.

Do you have a Slack group?

Yes, we have a slack group. We partner with GlobalUXD. We have many companies that will post their jobs in our group. You will also be able to network with other designers.

Do you have a Meetup Group

Yes, we have a Meetup group that we partner with a group called GlobalUXD.

Do you have a video so I can see what the review is like?

Yes, up above is a video showing what it is like when you get your portfolio reviewed.

What services do you have?

We have two services. Our first service is where you can get your portfolio reviewed. Our second service is where you can work with you mentor on anything you need help with. We will add a third service where we will help you prep for your next interview.

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